About Apprenticeship

Registered Apprenticeship is an advanced training program that prepares you for a specific trade or occupation. This educational option combines paid On-the-Job Training with highly relevant classroom learning from experts in the profession.

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners (the UBC) proudly prepares apprentices through a network of regional training centers in Canada and the United States. The Carpenters International Training Fund develops the core curriculum and trains journey-level Carpenters to become your instructors at training centers like the Pacific Northwest Carpenters Institute (PNCI).

On-the-Job-Training is key to apprenticeship.

PNCI builds Union Carpenters, serving UBC members in Oregon, SW Washington and Southern Idaho with training centers in Portland, Redmond and Tangent Oregon as well as in the Treasure Valley of Idaho. Approximately 1500 apprentices are enrolled in one of the five (5) four-year programs offered at PNCI.

PNCI Apprentices become members of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, the Northwest Carpenters Union and a local union affiliated with their specific trade. There are about 29,000 UBC members in the NW and more than half a million in the United States.

Related training at PNCI features hands-on activities .
In this Fall Protection class, apprentices are hoisted with a winch in a tripod to experience what it would feel like to hang in a harness after a fall.

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  • Resources in your state
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