Career Connections Curriculum

The Career Connections program is designed to help high school teachers introduce students to a career in carpentry. Students learn basic and intermediate carpentry, advanced skills in commercial and residential construction, and the essentials of construction site safety. Instructors have a choice of eight affordable books to use in their program and/or a new online Learning Management System which includes access to all eight titles. Please ask for a preview of the Career Connections online classroom and listen to Career Connections Outreach Specialists talk about the curriculum on the Grit NW podcast.

The high quality program materials were developed by the Carpenters International Training Fund. Procedures for the projects are designed to be completed using typical school shop tools and have been built and tested in the United Brotherhood of Carpenters’ training centers. The Teachers Annotated Editions include a flash drive packed with resources like lesson plans, blueprints, rubrics, evaluation forms, chapter reviews, etc. Use the Virtual Shop videos to flip your classroom; when students watch videos as homework they can maximize their hands-on time in your shop.

Community-based Pre-Apprenticeship Training Programs use Career Connections as well, typically the Residential and Commercial Construction titles as well as Math for the Trades.

Our most popular titles in the 8 book collection are the four Project Books which help students develop a sequence of skills which earn them Certificates of Completion from the CITF. The certificates connect school to a career path, introducing your students to apprenticeship as a post-secondary option. Career Connections students have an advantage should they decide to apply for one of our apprenticeship programs.

In Oregon, Career Connections certificates are approved “Industry Recognized Credentials” and should be reported with your school district’s ODE CTE data collection each June. CTE Programs of Study in Oregon earn points towards Secondary Career Pathways funding when students earn either Career Connections level one and level two certifications or a level three certification. Ask your CTE Regional Coordinator for more information about how ODE’s Secondary Career Pathways incentivizes student success in CTE programs.

Instructors, please ask for access to a Google folder which includes sample materials, a current price list and an outline of chapters from each of the eight titles to help you decide which books to use in your pre-apprenticeship or CTE Program of Study. Download the catalog of instructional resources below.


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