Union Apprenticeships feature a competitive application process. Many candidates are looking for the excellent training, high wages and generous benefits for which Union Apprenticeships are known.  So how can you stand out as an applicant?

Consider a Pre-Apprenticeship Training Program to increase your knowledge and develop the skills to be a strong candidate for a Registered Apprenticeship. Apprenticeship readiness programs can vary in length from a few weeks to a several months and are generally free or low-cost.

PNCI offers Carpenter Trade Preparation, a focused, three-week pre-apprenticeship program 6-9 times a year, depending on the local workforce’s demand for Carpenters Apprentices.

Carpenter Trade Preparation is a free, three-week pre-apprenticeship program offered by PNCI.

There are many other pre-apprenticeship providers who offer construction-related training to youth and adults for you to consider. PNCI Apprentices come from a variety of pre-apprenticeship programs like these:

Financial assistance may be available to help pre-apprentices with expenses such as tools, gas cards and work clothes. Oregon’s Pre-Apprenticeship Childcare Initiative (PACCI) specifically supports people enrolled in qualifying Pre-Apprenticeship Training Programs, removing the childcare barrier and enabling your entry into the building trades. STEP Apprenticeship can provide support to SNAP eligible pre-apprentices not receiving TANF.

More Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

Discover more approved pre-apprenticeship programs in your state:

Job Corps

Job Corps is a residential pre-apprenticeship program with centers across the country. The Job Corps Carpentry Program is affiliated with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and all of their instructors are UBC Carpenters. Carpentry is offered at 82 different Job Corps centers including several in Oregon and Washington.